Real-Life Results and Testimonials about The Organization Whisperer

Organization #1:

Tripled production and improved
response times while reducing staff
from 234 to 230.

Organization #2:

Improved productivity and response
times while reducing staff from 67
to 51 over 4 years.

Organization #3:

A call center that reduced peak season
customer wait time from 6 minutes 17 seconds down to 35 seconds with
current staff.

Organization #4:

A government agency that maintained
average annual budget increases of 3.3%
while comparable agencies increased
budgets by 10.9% and 11.5%.

Organization #5:

Improved staff productivity by 25%
in just 5 years.

Organization #6:

Reduced a core process from 15 days
to 12 days.

Organization #7:

Increased production of a staff by 34%.

Organization Whisperer Testimonials

“Prior to taking Dr. Childs’ seminar, I felt I had already honed my management skills and there was not much that needed change. One of the most significant concepts Dr. Childs conveyed was that quality leadership is based upon giving. Another key phrase: “Communication is as much how something is said as what is said.” Also, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Failure is actually a success if you learn from it.” What I learned has had a profound effect on both my professional and personal life.”
~ Sandy Smith, Texas Federal Credit Union

“This seminar motivated me to develop a mission statement for my business. It has also caused me to be more mindful of communicating in a positive way. I also realized that I could be doing more to empower. It has also helped in my personal life. My church motorcycle group had split into two cliques, and I used the principles in the seminar to call a meeting and get everyone back together. And my teenaged daughter is really mad because I have successfully used the principles to foil her plots!”
~ Don Colt, Major, Medical Service, U.S. Army

“This seminar has benefitted my life by reminding me as a leader that I am to always stay positive, for I am influencing other lives. I have gained a new respect for having integrity and standing on good ethical values that embrace the company’s mission statement.”
~ David Cortex, Mary Kay, Inc.

“For the first time in my career, I measure my department by the mission statement. This course has benefitted my department also in that we are more willing to take risks to strive. I appreciate the way that Dr. Childs kept reminding us in the seminar that people count.”
~ Angela Coleman, SBC Global

 “My staff has not stopped talking about your Organization Whisperer facilitation. You showed us how to get where we need to be. Thank you!
~ Facilitated Organization

“Great ‘Nuts and Bolts’ on measures and how to make them work.”
~ Conference Attendee

“Very practical and easy to understand recommendations on processes and methods. This really brings it home in a practical way.”
~ Conference Attendee

“At last! A speaker who lived up to his topic.”
~ Conference Attendee

“Thinking outside the box, but in an obvious, simple way.”
~ M.E.C.A Seminar Attendee