Here’s How The Organization Whisperer Can Help

The Organization Whisperer offers the following
services to support performance excellence in your organization.

Benefit-Sharing [our most popular package!]

The Organization Whisperer facilitates your organization for six months at no cost! You pay nothing up front. At the end of the six months, you “benefit-share” with The Organization Whisperer the improvements that have been documented.

Your Investment: $0 until you see real results!

20-Minute Lunch / Dinner Speech

The Organization Whisperer comes to you and provides a motivational speech on performance improvement and how to quickly, easily ripple excellence through your organization.

Your Investment: Travel Expenses

1-Day Non-Invasive Painless Diagnostic

The Organization Whisperer visits your site and uses targeted observations and brief, focused surveys to diagnose your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

Your Investment: $1,500

Half-Day Seminar

The Organization Whisperer guides your team through specific litmus tests and core actions.

Your Investment: $1,000

Full-Day Facilitation

The Organization Whisperer guides your team through the 12 litmus tests and 12 core actions.

Your Investment: $2,000

2-Day Facilitation

The 12 litmus tests and 12 core actions plus additional sharing, innovating, and team-building.

Your Investment: $3,000